Title of Works

1 " Family feeling"
2 " Real smile"
3 " Fake smile"
4 " Clamorous Actress... but where are the Nurse?"
5 " Where are the teacher gone...."
6 " Pregancy is God Best Gift"
7 "
Christmas sense"

November 2006, a new solo exhibition, of Rosaria Iazzetta.
The artist with a performance,opens the show, to cut the obstacle on our heart, before we start, to see all work exhibit.
The Music "Agnus Dei" starting, the soft light is ready, and the artist Tada Masami, recording the performance of Rosaria on the Matsuri cords, underneath to the ceiling, suspended in the air, with a public down, through the cross of cement, situated to the center of the room upwards.
The sense of the cross,is the passage to the freedom across to the suffering and the overcoming of the prejudices.
The body of the artist on the cords, seeks to be free itself from the sole garment that puts on, and the garment meaning is the eyes of the other that continue to put us in fear, and do not leave us to be free.
The performance was ten minutes longer, and the artist comes down from the ceiling on the sculpture, and when touches land is stripped of everything the garments, to show to the world, that the freedom and happiness don't
come from other thing out.
The sculptural work "Christmas senses" was the central object of the show, and integrating part of performance work.
"Christmas sense" (1.80x2.70x1.85)
All work is in aluminium and is divided in two-pice, an vertical position piece and another in horizontal position. the first one means Santa Claus and the second one have the meaning of reindeer. in this modern life, everything has lost the real value. in the christmas time, for example, Santa claus began the symbol of conception to be in power to do everything , also to make a sexual assault on the reindeer. The reindeer, represent the humans, because we are now like animals, without thinking time in our life, and we don't have chance to escape from this conception violence (Santa). the reindeer, fight to find the salvation , but the million of receipts from the mouth of she, are the result of this lost war, where we are obligate to buy without any alternative solution . In the stomach of reindeer, there is also a light-box of a vagina photo, to represent better, how the the conception and the sex are similar in lost value and control in this life, and in the stomach of Santa Claus there are objects of paper , hand-made, as radio, CD, record-play, phone, razor, games, to realize how that power come from objects, without
deepness, but only made with goal of conquer trought the money, our mind. With exhibition title "The smile depend from your heart and not from other", Iazzetta wish to recover, the deep sense of serenity and to remove from us the idea of vain that the world administers in us.The love is this extraordinary thing that excludes the other, because is not in position to contain itself in something. For this incontinence, THE LOVE, does us fear and we prefer to leave us to things not grievous, and more easy to live.
Without understanding, we deny ourselves to the extraordinary phenomenon that born in the deep part of our soul.
The effervescence of happiness is blended to this phenomenon and ascend to the walls of our throat, to bring energy from the heart, and to arrive to the Papillas in the mouth.
And just when the life wonders to plunge us to the outside , the cheeks blush, and forbidden from the outside farce, detain everything born inside.
And like the intolerable acids, stop the smile, to be cheated from an vain outside.
The work, showed are different in the media used, light-box, photo, and sculptures, but all are connected with same goal to capture the energy of inside and help it,to go out with happiness.
Our heart, know this way, and we must to follow it, and not the other outside way.
Nothing is real, if are not born for our heart.
With this show, the spiritual matter begin more deep, something enters, and other goes out, like fruit of a same thought, in an equal name from the birth: Rosaria Iazzetta.