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Photo by YAMAMOTO tadasu
TADA masami -KI-
New Space Open

23 Jun.-22 Jul. 2001

image image Sound Encounter
23 Jun.- 7 Jul. 2001
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Since the 1990s, TADA Masami has used the term "sound encounter" for his performances combining sound and visual elements. Other terms such as sound improvisations, sound works or simply performances have also been used, but no single term is sufficient to describe his multi-faceted live performances, which often continue for an hour.
There is rich variety in the materials he uses to produce sound. There are natural materials such as bamboo and stone and dry branches, as well as things with a more metallic ring, like pipes and piano strings. But all become one with his body and soul during the performances. Even sounds generated from a small electronic device emanate as if from the body to touch the senses of the listeners as they fill the performance space.
There are also visual images that appear to flow as one with the sound.
These images undulate dramatically with the flow of electronically generated sound, whether they capture the play of bright sunlight, give fleet motion to landscapes or tread over mountain paths, they all flow with the cadence of TADA's own ambulation. These video images are in fact improvisational creations of TADA's eyes and body.
There are also combinations of sound and video images created by his actions, rolling bamboo or stone gently across the floor, or sometimes crashing them down violently, or whipping branches through the air. Enlarged images are projected one after another simultaneously with the creation of the sound, on the walls, on the floor and even on the ceiling, at times blurred, trembling. These are images filmed by his body as it creates sound, by means of small video cameras attached at different points on his body, like his waist or legs.
In these performances TADA makes his body an open medium that transmits sounds and images to the audience for up to an hour. He says that these live performances are as if he alone were improvising both the visual and audio tracks to something like a movie, but it is probably something larger than that. What is created is perhaps better described as a drama born of the encounter between TADA, the place and the audience.

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